In this section I would like to share my knowledge about the supplements that improve my health condition, general well-being of my organism and my athletic health. Without these products it would be difficult for me to play at the level where I play, because my body burns a lot of energy during training and matches. Therefore it requires proper maintenance and ultimate recovery.

These products are not intended solely to professional athletes, but are intended for all people and I present them to you with pleasure.

Here are my helpers:

BHIP products


All these products are made from natural ingredients with no artificial additives and this is what they affect:

Apart from top products, people who wish to improve their health and happiness may earn aditional income through membership in this organisation.

For further explanation on this please contact me  🙂

You may find more information about them on:

First Endurance

These products are intended for athletes and I must say they are fantastic. I have been using them for many years and I’m more than satisfied because it helps my organism to give its best in every situation.

Here are the products that I use most:

You can find more information about them on this page in Croatian:

And in English on this page:

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