About me

I was born in Zagreb, for me one of the most beautiful cities. Year 1976, exactly 27.May I came to this world. In spring, my favorite season, when everything blossoms and buds, just like me. I was a good and simple baby, says my mother, food and sleeping was making my and hers everyday. I grew up into a sympatic blond girl, withdrawn and shy, but that has changed with time, just like my hair colour :)

Nataša Osmokrović

When I was 10 years old i started with my very first volleyball practices and since then the sport turned my life around. Now when I am 36 years old I can say I am part of the best indoor sport for women. Volleyball allowed me to travel a lot, lot of renunciation, sweat, pain, tears, pleasure, joy and, of course, money. I can say that I visited all the continents, I met different nations and their culture, I learned foreign languages, tried out strange food, I have lived varius emotions and I have traveled lot of kilometars.

Volleyball is my life, and those words are saying much more then that. I enjoy volleyball which means I enjoy life because I do what I love.

In all this life joy Marcus came to this world, 2002, more accurate 13. December, winter time .. the sesone that prepare earth for a new awaking. He brought something new in me that I didn’t know existed and I am gratefull for that.

I grew up into a women, that is grateful for all her mistakes and success, and lot of other things which taught me about life, they make me like I am now, filled, satisfied and cheerful! Right now we live in Azerbaijan, Baku city, where I play one of my volleyball seasons, not a forgetful one in any sense.

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