Awareness of nutrition

We made our lives so complicated. I often find myself thinking about our ancestors. Each season brings its own beauty but we often don’t recognize it. Similar to our childhood, each period is beautiful and exciting in its own way which we sometimes simply fail to understand.

But let’s go back to the topic … diet. How is it that our ancestors have lived for so long without having what we have today, advanced technologies, new products and a bunch of manufacturers of all sorts of things?

A feeling of nostalgia pulls me toward unspoiled nature in which our ancestors thrived or rather survived oblivious of the near future and artificially engineered food.

I know that most people are unaware of the nature, created to feed us and give life in simple ways.

How sad is that…

We humans tend to make our lives more complex rather than give in and enjoy the simplicity. Numerous times in life it has been shown that the simple things are indeed the best and most beautiful, but human kind seems determined to oppose and we let our ego interfere with the bliss we had been given.

All this emerges because, as a professional athlete, I have to pay attention to my diet, and the more attention I pay the more I come to realize how in time with greed we had destroyed our dearest nature.

Today we have a really great choice of food, a large selection of “diets” or rather a wide range of ways that help us lose weight, some of which are worth the effort, and some an irretrievable waste of time, patience and nerves. But we can only understand that when we have done at least one month of withdrawal, adaptation, disgust, and some occasional pleasure.

People who are ill are forced to change their eating habits into a healthy diet but it might not have been so if healthy food had been present from the start. Who knows…?

Like most women I’ve read many books, listened to different lectures, did various tests and I have arrived at a simple conclusion, the best thing is to be moderate.

Intake of everything necessary for a top athlete will not fit on one piece of paper and that is just food only – it is simply impossible. I spend more time with a variety of pills that complement my daily menu than going to the market.

More time is spent on choosing food products, asking whether they’re organic or not, and are the expensive ones actually more organic than the cheaper ones. Is the fruit or vegetable I eat sprayed, and if it is, what is it sprayed with … And not to mention the additions that are necessary for immunity, better training and match, for endurance, strength and recovery. And along with all that, the element of surprise is always some foreign country, which has its own outlook on nutrition to which I have to adapt, and from the beginning I start the search for a proper diet, that would lead me to the well-being.

My conclusion is to live life the way I think is best for me, and according to some opinions I am probably wrong or according to some principles I stand out, but what do others know about how I feel and what is best for my being?

You can find yourselves in all this regardless of your profession, age and appearance.

So, with sweet nostalgia to the old days, I wish to share my thoughts that would undoubtedly be more than just about food, and I also invite you to share your comments and opinions.

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