Excitement before the competition

Excitement…. more intensive when you’re young or when you get older? Adrenaline affects you differently when you’re young and rush into things with your head in the clouds, not thinking about responsibility. You simply play the game and gain experience unaware of the process; you enjoy the victory and accept defeat as just another lost battle.

One day when you look back at everything you come to realize that sport is no different than life itself and life’s philosophy. Over time, as you mature, you become smarter and wiser, more cautious and get to enjoy every contact with the ball to the fullest.


As I often mention in these pages, life is beautiful and only one to live. All of its segments consist of similar things. Each part of it brings its own fairy tales and battles, warned about by our elders but not always recognized and accepted as useful tips and lessons. We all feel the immense need to feel the warm embrace of happiness on our skin, as well as fear, anger, sadness, hurt. And all that rather than listen and learn. But that’s what makes us who we are –one of a kind.

Right now I feel a true adrenaline rush to win, even though I have 5 more days until the first match, and nothing can replace that feeling. It’s unique and it runs through my veins, making me feel excited, happy and taut as a string of a bow, but it doesn’t show on the outside. I’m ready to give myself in full strength, take-off and bring another gold medal!

Now, it is time for training, another one in a row of many. It is time for patience and hard work to prepare for that flight.

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